Hi.  I'm Danny Levin.

One of four musicians by that name.  I am not THE Danny Levin.  The world is so large, and available names are relatively few.

The other Danny Levins are younger than me.

One of them plays cello, as do I. (see me below, holding a cello) 

My bucket list (o well, it's in the lexicon) includes actually placing in a real fiddle contest, preferably this year.   Why?   If you have to ask, you are inquisitive.

 There's me and Bear in about 2010.  Bear was a rock-bearer.

There's me and Bear in about 2010.  Bear was a rock-bearer.


I’m going to do a stream of consciousness of people I’ve played with and liked it.  I’ll do this for              52 seconds  ….GO!

Wes Westmorland

Dick Gimble


Dale Watson

Jon Hendricks

Leon Rausch

Willie Nelson

Johnny Nicholas

Moxy Fruvous

Greg Harkins

The Sweet Bunch of Daisies

Tex Thomas

Rick McRae

Rick Danko

Arnett Cobb

Floyd Domino

Stephen Bruton

Bob Schneider

Clifton Chenier

Johnny Cash

Joel Guzman

Garth Brooks

Buddy Miller

Natalie Cole

Charlie Pride


Booker T Jones

Redd Volkaert

Jon Blondell

Junior Brown

Erik Hokkanen

Johnny Gimble

Tony Campise

Ethyl n Methyl

Bonnie Raitt

Tiny Moore

Jimmy Day

Cindy Cashdollar

Asleep at th     time’s up.  Darn



This website was a gift to me.  Maybe it can be a gift to you too.  The Calendar should be up to date.  Should be.